What improvements do you think B2/W2 should have made?

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What improvements do you think B2/W2 should have made?

Post  Daikenki on Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:39 am

So, B2/W2 have been out for a while now and while some of us liked the new features, others were a bit disappointed and wanted improvements.

What do you think Game Freak should have added into the game to differentiate it better from Black and White?

I would have love to seen the Pikachu line in the Unova Dex since he's the mascot, but they didn't add him. I also would love to have seen Trainers other than Hugh and Nate/Rosa with the Unova Starters like how Trainers in D/P/Pt other than Barry and Lucas/Dawn had Sinnoh Starters.

Share your thoughts!


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