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It evolves at WHAT level?

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It evolves at WHAT level? Empty It evolves at WHAT level?

Post  Daikenki on Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:17 pm

So, there are some Pokemon out there that evolve much later than others.

Sometimes it makes sense cos of certain aspects of that Pokemon, such as evolving into something that is powerful, like the Pseudo-Legendaries. But then there's also ones where you can't help but go "WHAT?" when you see what level they evolve at.

And so here's where this topic comes in. So, which Pokemon that evolve at later levels do you think shouldn't evolve so late? Are there any which you think evolve too early and should evolve at later levels? Or do you think everything looks fine as it is?


It evolves at WHAT level? Tumblr_mgdaeqD1OW1s2zf69o1_500

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