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Guide to the Staff Roles

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Guide to the Staff Roles Empty Guide to the Staff Roles

Post  Daikenki Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:05 am

Here's your guide to all the roles the friendly staff team serve.


So, you probably see these orange names a lot around the forums, right? Well, that's because these users are Moderators, who are assigned specific sections in which they are in charge of. Being in charge of those sections means the responsibilities of sticking, locking and patrolling threads for spam. Sometimes, they're also in charge of keeping up activity in their section as well. They are very important and can be contacted involving issues with their section or an infraction that was given to the member in question by the Moderator in question.

Super Moderators

Now, you've definitely seen a lot less of these yellow names floating around and for a good reason. Super Moderators moderate every board, that's what makes them so special! They were once Moderators that showed their expertise in moderating their particular board and radiating their maturity, so they were promptly promoted to Super Moderator. They are the people you go to if you have questions regarding something the Moderators cannot answer, such as inquiries involving bans, a forum that does not yet have a Moderator or an infraction that the Super Moderator in question handed out.


And finally, those with the green names, the Administrators. These guys fill the nook and cranny of what's available, the leaders of the site in other words. The Administrators are the ones who manage the technical side of the forum and also the staff team. They are the ones 99% responsible for what you're seeing on the board today! They are very busy most of the time, but you can still contact them for questions that the Super Moderators were unable to answer, but make sure it's worth it cos Administrators are busy almost all the time!
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