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The Region of Sinnoh- Did YOU like it?

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The Region of Sinnoh- Did YOU like it? Empty The Region of Sinnoh- Did YOU like it?

Post  Altaria Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:57 pm

The Region of Sinnoh- Did YOU like it? 250px-Pt_Sinnoh

Sinnoh is a whole new region and begins the fourth generation or the 3D Generation as it's called. It is filled with interesting towns bustling with people and different shops to admire. There were tunnels, paths above buildings, caves, the whole wide blue sea and much more! Forests, chateaus, leagues, you name it Sinnoh had it. Did you like the region itself? Or did you think they added too much detail and you would prefer a more simple region. Perhaps you felt there should be more towns, or natural places?

For me, I liked Sinnoh the way it was. There was beautiful scenery all around and the towns weren't old and dusty with building after building. Although I would of liked another town or two. But other than that I've got no complaints n_n. So now moving onto YOUR opinion <3. What did you think of Sinnoh? Is it a beautiful region for you? Or something you never want to set your eyes on again? Discuss!

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The Region of Sinnoh- Did YOU like it? Empty Re: The Region of Sinnoh- Did YOU like it?

Post  Daikenki Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:10 am

I actually loved Sinnoh, it was a very beautiful region with loads of interesting stories to it. I loved the scenery, the fact it has snow in the northern part and the marshy areas make it very amazing as far as design goes, and the Pokemon were also very interesting.

In fact, Sinnoh is my second fave region (behind Unova).
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