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Bellossodia Forums Rules Empty Bellossodia Forums Rules

Post  Petal Master Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:25 pm

Bellossodia Forums Rules

Welcome to Bellossodia Forums! Before you dally off, posting whatever it is you are posting, you must first read the rules, whether you are a new member or a veteran member. So, without further ado, here are the rules that you, the member, must follow.

~Respect everyone at Bellossodia Forums

Simple enough, you must respect your fellow members. If you think they are harassing you, instead of retaliating back, why not contact a staff member to keep the issue civilized.

~SPAM is NOT allowed

SPAM, or Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages are, simply put, messages are completely off topic from the discussion. Such posts will be removed.

~Foul language is unacceptable

Bellossodia Forums is a forum for all ages. As such, using foul words is unacceptable. Also, using asterisks (*) to censor the word is also unacceptable.

~Pornography is NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE on the forum

In no part of the forum can you submit an image or a link to pornography site. Posting such material results a permanent ban regardless of position or status.

~Avoid double posting or consecutive posting

Please try to avoid making consecutive posts. Edit your posts if you want to add something.

~No unsolicited advertising

Unless the staff agrees, which will probably not, advertising of websites or forums is not allowed. The only advertising you can put is in your signature. Again, no linking to pornography, illegal, virus-sharing sites.

~Illegal Content is not allowed anywhere on the forums

This includes ROMs, warez, download links, etc. Discussion of acquiring these things is also prohibited.

Some rules may be changed or added. Stay tune for more updates.

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