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Bianca or Cheren?

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Which rival in B/W do you prefer?

Bianca or Cheren? Vote_lcap0%Bianca or Cheren? Vote_rcap 0% 
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Bianca or Cheren? Vote_lcap0%Bianca or Cheren? Vote_rcap 0% 
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Bianca or Cheren? Empty Bianca or Cheren?

Post  Daikenki Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:23 am

So, Black and White are the first games (excluding Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) to have two rivals for the player throughout the main story.

Bianca or Cheren? VSBiancaBianca or Cheren? VSCheren

The two rivals, the smart Cheren and the ditzy Bianca show the true example of the theme of opposites heavily shown in the games.

But, which one of the two do you like better? Vote in the poll and give reasons!

Bianca or Cheren? Tumblr_mgdaeqD1OW1s2zf69o1_500

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