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Hey there <3!

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Hey there <3! Empty Hey there <3!

Post  Altaria Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:39 am

Hi there, I'm Altaria <3! I'm also known as Rainbow Arcanine over at PC, but Altaria is so much shorter and simpler Very Happy. Besides, I love the adorable little third generation bird, with powerful stats and diverse moves to match Very Happy. I will love it always <3. Some of my other interests include Harry Potter (yes I'm part of the Potter Generation Very Happy), reading fanfictions, writing, art and Sword Art Online along with roleplaying. I've only gotten into watching SAO recently though, so my knowledge of it isn't that great ;_;.

Other than that, I live in the boiling but amazing country of Australia :3. I come from Sydney like Hikari and that's all to me really n_n. I also love squirrels, since they're adorable and that's all there is to it. Currently my favourite Pokemon isn't actually Altaria or Arcanine ;_;, but Gulpin <3! Cute and squishy, while loving eating food. Kind of like me with the eating food part. Enough rambling, hopefully I'll have fun here at this cosy little forum <3.

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Hey there <3! Empty Re: Hey there <3!

Post  AzureHorizons Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:23 pm

Hiya Sophie, glad to see ya here at Bellosodia, I see you've been promoted as well! Welcome to Bellosodia & enjoy your stay!


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