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Trainer Sprites!

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Trainer Sprites! Empty Trainer Sprites!

Post  Daikenki on Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:49 pm

One thing Black 2 and White 2 brought to us was new animated sprites for all the Trainers in the game.

Nope, not just SOME Trainers, I mean ALL the Trainers. Yes, so instead of having select characters (i.e. Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion, Rivals) we now have even the basic Trainer classes like Youngsters and Lasses in cute animations!

In fact, you can find all the sprites here:

So, do you think this was a good/bad idea? Any faves or least faves? Discuss!

[Note: Just pointing out that this is only to discuss the animations and not the actual character designs.]

Trainer Sprites! Tumblr_mgdaeqD1OW1s2zf69o1_500

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