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Bellossodia Official Claim A Song Thread

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Bellossodia Official Claim A Song Thread Empty Bellossodia Official Claim A Song Thread

Post  Daikenki Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:02 am

The Official Claim A Song Thread

Here you can claim your fave song as yours!

  • You must have been a member for one week before claiming.
  • You must have at least 20 posts to claim.
  • If you get banned, your claim is revoked.
  • If you do not come online for 3 months, you will lose your claims due to inactivity.
  • Use the form below.
  • Each user is entitled to five claims.
  • Each song can be claimed by three different members, and no more.
  • You may change your claims after 30 days, using the claim change form.

[b]Artist / Band[/b] - [i]Song[/i] - Username - DD/MM/YY

An example is this:
Psy - Gangnam Style - Daikenki - 19/11/12

If you are changing your claims, please use this form:
Old Claim: [b]Artist / Band[/b] - [i]Song[/i] - Username - DD/MM/YY
New Claim: [b]Artist / Band[/b] - [i]Song[/i] - Username - DD/MM/YY

List of claimed songs (claims are sorted alphabetically by artist/band)
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