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Bellossodia Claim A Pokemon Thread

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Bellossodia Claim A Pokemon Thread Empty Bellossodia Claim A Pokemon Thread

Post  Daikenki Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:16 am

Bellossodia Claim A Pokemon Thread

Finally, one more riddle,
You'll really sing a fiddle.
I hope it's not flat,
But it is a place to chat.

Here you can claim your favourite Pokemon as yours!


  • You must have been a member for at least a week before claiming.
  • You must have at least 20 posts to claim.
  • If you get banned, your claim is revoked immediately.
  • If you do not come online for 3 months, you will lose your claims due to inactivity.
  • Use the form below or your claim will be ignored.
  • Each user is entitled to five claims.
  • Each Pokemon can be claimed by 5 different members, and no more.
  • You can change your claims after 30 days.

[b]Pokemon[/b] - Username - DD/MM/YY

Example is:
Oshawott - Daikenki - 07/12/12

When changing a claim:
[b]Old Pokemon[/b] - Username - DD/MM/YY
[b]New Pokemon[/b] - Username - DD/MM/YY

List of claimed Pokemon (sorted alphabetically)
If you have any questions relating to this thread, or want to know anything about the removal of your claims or anything else that has some sort of connection with this thread, please contact Altaria!
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Bellossodia Administrator

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