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Post  Daikenki Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:02 am

Posting your introduction thread:

1. If you've been active for more than three weeks since joining, you're no longer eligible to create an introduction thread since you are no longer new by that point.

2. Members returning from at least 30 days since their last activity can make a re-introduction thread. Re-introduction threads cannot be made if the user is returning from a ban.

3. No creating a new account, this is sockpuppeting and remember that staff members can check your IP address.

4. No double posting.

5. Threads not relating to introductions will be locked.

Replying to an introduction thread:

1. No bumping threads more than three weeks old since the member who posted is no longer new by then.

2. No copying-and-pasting welcome messages. Make your posts in this section unique.

3. You can reply in a thread but don't start conversations.
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