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Clubs & Groups Rules

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Clubs & Groups Rules Empty Clubs & Groups Rules

Post  Daikenki Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:37 am

1. All global Bellossodia Forums rules apply here.

2. Follow the individual rules of each club.

3. No spamming, harassing or trolling. Also stay on topic when posting in a club.

4. Don't join clubs based on things you don't like.

5. Only 3 active clubs per member at a time.

6. Check the Club Index (located in the stickies) so you don't end up making duplicate clubs.

7. You can also suggest ideas for clubs as well as post feedback in the Club Ideas & Feedback sticky.

8. If you become inactive, your club will likely end up closed or remade so remember to be active to keep your club running.
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